MSHK Professional Training Service
(Corporate Training & Team Building)
We strongly believe that human resources is a valuable asset for each corporate. In order to assist our clients to convert their human resources to human capital, TRAINING is the essential way to achieve the goal and enhance the competiveness in the market.

MPEG is specialized in delivering varieties of tailor-designed training courses to our clients for improving the performance of the frontline staff. In order to guarantee our training service is of the highest quality, our Professional Training Team - TeamPlayer.com.hk designs the most professional and practical courses and workshops to our clients.

Our training consultants are professional and experienced in offering different training courses to clients in different industries, such as FMCG, luxury brands, jewellery industry, hotel industry, travel agencies, universities and NGOs.

Mission of Training

Training has to be tailor-made correspondingly with the needs of the market, industry and the employee as an individual. Mindset, skills and knowledge have to be exchanged and shared among. We establish the platform, not only because we hope all the people working in the customer service industry can increase the competitiveness and work ability, but also, most importantly, to increase the knowledge in a all-rounded aspect, as to enrich oneself and increase personal qualities.
Our Professional Training Team 
Team Building

1) Beyond Castle - Conducted by Professional Corporate Trainers


Beyond Castles is a unique and impactful team-building licensed program originated from Singapore using award winning innovative and original sculpting tools to build sand castles. It allows participants to strengthen bonding, foster social interaction, and encourage creativity in the process.




(2)Interest Classes

Training Details